Self-managed Teams

Hire a team of Developers, Designers, Quality Assurance Specialists, DevOps Engineers, and other experts you may need to work hand-by-hand on your digital product.


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Why Chimera?

Many companies face challenges with finding vetted specialists.
Our unique solution for hiring self-managed experts addresses all of these concerns.


Experts are chosen for their deep knowledge and successful track record.


Experts are screened on their soft skills to ensure they are amazing teammates.


Our self-organized agile teams ensure effectiveness and project success.

Financial control

We bring the knowledge and experience you need without the cost and commitment of a full-time employee, so you can stay on track.

Scandinavian work culture

We believe in a work culture that creates the sense of happiness and ensures a high quality of life. More about work culture.


How to hire Managed Teams


Start with submitting
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Within a few days we will introduce you to the right specialists.

Trial period

Work together for a trial period to ensure it's the right fit before starting the engagement.


We employ modified agile processes focused on fast iterations and pushing new releases every 2 weeks after the initial launch.

Every team starts with a planning phase to define a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that enables software testing. We suggest to brake down projects into releases to address key functionalities that provide certain business results over time.

Chimera provides self-managed specialists, so you work directly with a team of technicians. With bigger teams, you usually are going to communicate with the team leader.

All members of the Chimera Prime are under a strict NDA, and by extension to any client's project.


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