Social responsibility

Acting for the benefit of the society is at the heart of our work culture.

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    Support for charities

    Since we put a focus on people, social responsibility is an important aspect of initiatives we take part in. We are involved collectively as a company by helping child care homes and the “Noble Gift” social program for families in difficult financial circumstances, or individually by encouraging employees to spend their birthday gifts on charity of their choice.

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    Social impact projects

    We prioritise projects that not solely bring profits but above all contribute to the welfare of society and the environment. We engage in a number of projects that follow this example. To name a few, we develop software for companies like:

    Kuloola, a delivery service which provides better access to food for the excluded rural districts in South Africa. 

    RoadTech is a Norwegian transportation industry startup focused on improving driving efficiency in heavy snows and severe weather conditions for emergency services and other drivers. 

    Dish is a social network promoting healthy eating habits and choosing quality food products from local businesses.