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We grow together with our partners


HubSpot is an all-in-one platform for Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Web Development. Our partner provides us with a powerful CRM software for sales, marketing automations software, email marketing, social media management and customer service tools.

As a partner, we work closely with the HubSpot marketing and sales team. We also have full support from their experts regarding inbound marketing, reporting, analytics and advertising campaigns. With HubSpot’s design tools, our web developers can create reusable templates and modules for websites and build landing pages within a few hours.


Ventuz provides software solutions for authoring and displaying real-time interactive graphics to clients with high end requirements. This includes broadcast graphics, event installations, projections and professional presentations. Our partner develops workflows and products that allow customers to create and playout highly appealing and cutting edge visual content.

As a long term partner, we have early access to new resources and crucial information about recent developments to build a competitive market advantage.

Amazon Web Services

AWS is the biggest cloud computing platform in the world. It provides a secure and reliable place to deploy web applications and an incredible number of web services helping applications to work and grow.

Thanks to our partnerships with AWS our team can efficiently work on software development. We can adjust the application's scalability - when the number of users grows, the application must be ready to handle the traffic. This is true for both computing machines where application is deployed and databases where all data is stored in a secure and high availability manner.

AWS allows also to manage such functionalities as massive mail sending, infrastructure monitoring and observability, centralised logging and many more to help applications become public and widely available.

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