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Online Gambling

Reshaping the lottery market with new technologies

Digital entertainment in full bloom

The lottery industry develops dynamically. This is especially true for the fast-growing online gambling sector. The current size of the global market is $46 billion , and it’s anticipated to exceed $94 billion in 2024. In other words, the online branch will double in the upcoming years.

Europe with 49% global market share is a world leader in digital entertainment. Thanks to technological innovations consumers across Europe can enjoy online gambling anywhere, anytime.

According to the European Gaming & Betting Association sports betting is the most popular form of online gambling (40.3%), followed by casino games (32.1%), lotteries (13.3%), poker (6.1%), bingo (4.6%), and other games (3.6%).

New rules for games of chance

The growth in online gambling is also driven by the changing regulatory landscapes in European countries. Most of them already have dedicated regulation for online gambling activities.

Still many traditional game providers are yet to go through digital transformation and start offering their products on the web, while others operate on obsolete online systems that need major changes in order to fulfil current legal regulations.

Innovative digital platforms

We’ve experience in developing modern lottery platforms based on micro service architecture. They’re flexible in terms of adaptability to various products and markets, including legal regulations in different countries. What is more, the platforms are also cloud-ready which means they can manage high volumes of users.

GLI certified and GDPR compliant

We help our clients go through all legal and technological tests and receive certification from Gaming Laboratories International.

We also make sure the provider operates under a government license and according to EU regulations on privacy (GDPR).

We use Customer Authentication for players registration to fulfil the requirements of the Anti Money Laundering Act.

Delivering great customer experience

Apart from delivering software in accordance with the latest regulations, we think about other important aspects before launching a digital lottery.

The lottery has to offer a seamless user experience. It’s achieved by providing intuitive and responsive web design so that players can enjoy the game on all kinds of devices.

Another issue to handle is cyber security. Making sure all corners are covered in games involving payments is paramount. We provide secure digital wallets and implement user authentication.

Build your digital lottery with an experienced partner.