Crossing the boundaries of sports & technology

Innovations in sports

In recent years, the worlds of sports and technology became intertwined like never before. Tech innovations are being leveraged at all levels - from play fields performance measurement, through training & tactics applications up to sports clubs’ boardrooms.

All this effort is taken to provide fans with more engaging experience at stadiums, on TV and live streamings. 

One of the most prominent tech trends includes sports data analytics. Databases with detailed statistics and forecasts enable sports organisations and also betting providers to offer even greater entertaining experiences while considerably increasing their revenues.

Empower your sports analytics

Recently we have developed for one of our clients a tech platform which provides full access to a vast amount of sports data. 

The solution includes statistics and high-probability predictions on players and teams’ performance in the upcoming league standings, cups, international matches and tournaments.

Thanks to efficient management of valuable data in one platform, our client was enable to offer a subscription-based access to betting providers, sports organisations and various outlets.

Intelligent predictions

Solutions we build for our clients include a prediction engine which provides smart analyses of a team’s form.

It assesses the probability of winning the game based on hard data like current performance, previous matches with the opponent, tactical style, home vs away game, and many other factors.

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Live updates and odds comparison

Customers get access to live match information on goals, cards, fouls, player changes, injuries, and more. 

Users can also compare bookmakers offerings and choose the best odds. The solution includes instant updates on wagers proposed by leading sports betting providers.