Scandinavian work culture

We believe in a work culture that creates the sense of happiness and ensures a high quality of life.

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    Job satisfaction

    An important strength of our work culture is the perfect balance of team collaboration and individual responsibility. Moreover, it is a norm in the Nordic work culture to care for the well-being of employees. A happy employee works with the greatest commitment. Every team member gets regular feedbacks to make sure both sides are satisfied with projects, tasks and the quality of work. 

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    Soft management style

    Our organisational structure is characterised by a flat hierarchy – all employees are treated with the same respect, regardless of their role. The manager is just part of the team. We focus on striving for understanding, effective and friendly cooperation and good relations.

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    Work in your own time

    The Scandinavian work culture is almost a synonym of work-life balance. The norm is to separate work and private life and stick to the set limits – overtime is rare here. On the other hand, we are very flexible as for the hours in which the work is performed.

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    Celebrating together

    Whenever there is an occasion for celebration within the company, everybody gets involved. This inclusivity helps employees to feel valued and connected, which in turn fosters loyalty and happiness in the workplace. We regularly organise team building events to nurture these good relations.

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    Caring for positive experience

    We do our best to create a friendly atmosphere at work and encourage employees to take an active part in shaping our workplace. We organise regular update meetings for all team mates. Everyone can speak up and share ideas. Many decisions are put up to vote too.