Scale your current project

Transfer your old system to a new limitless one

Scale your
current project

Transfer your old system to a new limitless one

We deliver a fast scaling path for your product

Product review
Technical check
Scale plan
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Product analysis

We prepare clients’ products for entering large markets and receiving high user traffic. Our work begins with analysing the current situation. Afterwards, we are able to deliver the product improvement report and propose the next steps.

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Individual cost estimate

Depending on the actual needs of the product and the client’s budget, we are able to assess development costs and adjust the offer to take the product to the next level.

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Managing limitations

When a product requires some parts of the application to be rewritten due to architectural errors, we have experienced IT consultants on board who will advise you and implement necessary changes.

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Cloud migration

As an official Amazon Web Services partner, we offer migration to cloud, which apart from ensuring data security, also enables for flexible resource management and launching the product on multiple markets.

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Grow faster

Our goal is always to take over technical responsibility off the client's shoulders, so that you can focus on further product development, marketing strategy and entering new markets.



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