IT Consulting

Using data to diagnose opportunities for business growth

Data-driven culture

We help our clients apply data they have to develop a human-centred approach for customer success.

Our experts guide your team

Onboard top talent with fractional to full-time resources to accelerate your business growth.

Evaluate your digital power. New technologies bring new capabilities. We join your team and evaluate the digital potential of your organisation.


Data literacy

Educate your team to use data. Switch to a data-driven culture to find insights and make smarter decisions.

Data-driven strategy

Win customers over with a comprehensive data-driven strategy that delivers business growth and highest customer satisfaction.

Why Chimera Prime?

We get to know our clients: We promise to become experts in your business, taking the time to understand your unique needs and coming from a place of empathy and shared purpose.
We believe solutions are better when everyone is involved—from client partners to diverse disciplines—to create the optimal digital adaptations for your business.
Future Focus
We design solutions that benefit your business for years to come, not just the short term. We’ll align your technology with the future of your organisation to create truly lasting value.