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Industry Challenges

The automotive business changes at an astonishing pace. Trends like autonomous cars, connectivity, electrification or the sharing economy impact the car market massively. As customers get access to various forms of mobility their expectations towards innovations in the industry grow higher.

Automotive market players must find new ways to attract customers. This opens up for them opportunities to explore the online channel - to become more customer-centric, more competitive and closer to the digital space where their prospects spend a lot of time.

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Car Configurators

Online product configurators enable car manufacturers and car dealers to present their offer to potential buyers even before the first meeting. Their website becomes a virtual showroom with immersive customer experiences.

Interactive 3D models enable customers to view the car from all angles and customise various features to meet their individual preferences. Personalisation may entail change of elements like body colours, wheel sizes, rims, lights, grilles or types of upholstery.

The results are visualised in real time and require no additional equipment or skills to enjoy interacting with the configurator.

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Online Car Sales

As the online channel plays a more and more important role for the automotive industry, product configurators attract prospects to car dealers’ websites and open opportunities for increasing online sales.

Online product configurators easily integrate with an intelligent ordering system. This means the customer can customise the car and go straight to placing an order in the online store. Alternatively, the customer may also send the personalised setup to the car dealer and book a meeting to discuss his choice in detail.

What is more, product configurators can be equipped with a smart car part tracking platform. It enables car sellers to analyse and get valuable insights for their business. Simple information about which finishing parts are most popular can attract more prospects by showing most engaging car setups first or minimise bottlenecks through accurate stocking.