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    Art Outreach

    The latest technologies enable us to create art that has an incomparably greater reach than traditional forms. Access to resources from any place on the planet with the internet connection, levels the chances and inspires millions of people each year.

    New tech and advanced computer graphics impact the way we create and experience works of art. The art becomes more interactive and dynamic. What is more, iconic paintings and sculptures from around the world can be scanned and presented in a virtual gallery, where people can admire them on their screens or through VR headsets.

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    Jewellery Configurators

    Jewellery is a type of goods that intersects the boundaries of art and modern lifestyle. New tech solutions enable crafters to unleash their full creativity and design even most unreal shapes and ornaments.

    On the other hand, new technologies bring more freedom to customers. Now they can use online configurators and customise the choice of jewellery according to their personal preferences.

    Such configurators integrated with websites display rings, necklaces or earrings in 3D. In a way, customers become designers on their own by selecting materials, gemstones, or adding personalised engravings. Finally, one can view the desired item from all angles, and order it online before even visiting the brick-and-mortar store.


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    Virtual & Augmented Reality

    VR and AR technologies have a tremendous potential for educational and cultural use. They help to learn through a visual and practical approach.

    Research shows that learning with VR is more efficient than in the traditional way because of immersion and fewer distractors. It makes us focus on the subject. Also the scale isn’t a problem, students can have either atoms or stars at their fingertips.

    New technologies like Augmented and Virtual Reality enable us to participate in a theatre performance, visit a distant museum, art gallery or other cultural venue right from our home.

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    3D Sculptures

    New technologies like augmented and virtual reality enable us to participate in a theatre performance, visit a distant museum, art gallery or any other cultural venue right from our home.

    A great showcase of VR/AR possibilities are sculptures digitalised in 3D. One can see the world’s most famous works of art in detail. This is something that hasn’t been possible before. See how we deliver such artistic experiences.


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