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    New tech, new opportunities

    We live in a three-dimensional reality. It’s something so natural and obvious that we don’t even think about. Yet until recently we weren’t able to design prototypes in 3D, and then move fast to manufacturing objects that we see everyday. Thanks to the emergence of advanced 3D graphics and VR & AR technology, we can finally enter the virtual world and utilise the possibilities it provides.

    We have experience in designing and development of custom 3D products and virtual & augmented reality solutions for our clients. Versatility of these new technologies is remarkable and enables us to provide tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of many sectors - heavy industry, education, art, retail or entertainment.

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    Video Walls & Displays

    Custom multi-screen video walls have become a must-have at exhibition floors, concerts, events, shopping malls and trade fairs all over the world. The visual power of presenting information on dynamic displays rather than static signage is undoubtedly superior. New screens equipped with motion sensors can interact with the audience, offering positive and personalised experiences.

    The cost of displays drops down each year, while their resolutions improve. The trend is clear, screens will most likely replace traditional advertising banners. The change is coming and leading businesses will need interactive content to win consumers’ attention.

    We've partnered up with real-time graphics software leader Ventuz to deliver top quality.


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    TV Broadcast Graphics

    In-studio video walls and on-air graphics are a perfect choice for increasing audience engagement. These broadcast graphics enable real-time content creation, character generation, channel branding and social media integration.

    In-studio video walls have become an essential component of modern broadcast studios. Content may include high-res graphic forms: display statistics, charts, creative backgrounds, special effects, channel branding and more. Additionally, such graphics can be seamlessly linked with the on-air content. This guarantees an amazing experience of the entire show.

    On-air graphics engage the audience during sports matches, elections, live programs and concerts. We can display real-time broadcast graphics on big screens to entertain thousands of participants at your event.

    We apply Ventuz realtime graphics technology to ensure the highest quality and performance. 

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    Product Configurators

    Online product configurators may be applied across many sectors: e-commerce, car dealerships, interior design or luxurious goods to name a few. All of these business enterprises can invite customers to interact with their products in a new, more personal way.

    Customers may visit your website and customise the product in an online configurator according to their individual preferences. Moreover, such configurators include smart ordering systems which enables your prospects to instantly order the selected item or book a meeting with your consultant.


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    Interactive Art

    New technologies provide your audience thrilling 3D experiences. Virtual exhibitions and multi-touch applications are designed for museums, art galleries, science centres and public space visitors.

    Virtual 3D exhibitions can deliver immersive experiences through virtual tours through museums and other cultural places. We are able to build 3D sculptures and digitalise other works of art.

    Multi-touch interaction displays enable venue visitors or event attendees to fully engage with presented content. Be it for information or entertainment purposes. Touch devices can turn your video walls into a large interactive surface. Such displays are commonly used in exhibitions, shopping malls, hotels, numerous public spaces or even airports.


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