Senior WordPress Developer

    When you join our software team as a Senior WordPress Developer you will be responsible for developing and maintaining high-quality WordPress websites and ensuring their optimal performance and functionality. 


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    What we expect from you

    We strive to work with people who embody our core values. Here are the personality traits we appreciate the most:

    • 1. Trust

      Trust is the cornerstone of our culture. It’s demonstrated by setting clear expectations, keeping promises and being honest to the core.

    • 2. Dedication

      We put a lot of effort in everything we do. Our goal is to be surrounded by people who are willing to go beyond what is expected.

    • 3. Perseverance

      Do you have enough grit to stay the course? We value people who have the ability to achieve goals despite difficulties.

    • 4. Curiosity

      Do you always get to the bottom of everything? It’s a quality of people who eagerly learn new things and solve problems in a creative way.

    • 5. Self-management

      We look for people who are able to produce meaningful results with their own guidance.



    Must have:

    • At least 5 years working in a similar position
    • Senior knowledge of PHP and MySQL database
    • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Expertise in developing custom WordPress themes and plugins from scratch
    • Proficiency in WordPress APIs, hooks, and core functions
    • Experience with MySQL database management and optimization
    • Solid understanding of responsive design principles and mobile-first development
    • Practical Git knowledge
    • Strong attention to details
    • Good communication skills
    • Self-organization skills
    • English min. B2
    • Polish min. B2

    Nice to have:

    • Leadership skills
    • Project management skills


    • Develop and customize WordPress themes and plugins according to project requirements
    • Collaborate with designers and stakeholders to implement responsive designs and intuitive user interfaces
    • Optimize websites for maximum speed, scalability, and performance
    • Integrate third-party APIs and services into WordPress websites
    • Create and maintain custom post types, taxonomies, and fields for flexible content management
    • Conduct thorough code reviews to ensure code quality and adherence to best practices
    • Stay updated with the latest WordPress trends, tools, and technologies
    • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and responsive design across various devices and screen sizes
    • Implement SEO best practices and optimize websites for search engine visibility
    • Proactively identify and propose solutions to enhance the performance and functionality of existing WordPress websites
    • Keep up-to-date with industry trends and advancements in WordPress development
    • Converting business requirements into technical solutions
    • Active participation in the development of the project
    • Optimise code for maximum performance and scalability
    • Collaborate with team members
    • Provide code review
    • Mentoring

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    How we work

    We're a group of about 25+ ambitious software developers, web designers and testers working in small project teams of max 5 persons. Each team has a Project Leader, who is also a developer and is responsible for the daily contacts with a client.

    We have a flat company structure which means we don’t have project managers or other people who would manage our tasks.

    This approach lets us be more flexible and closely cooperate with each of our clients. The team advises on available solutions, presents pros and cons, and is able to make a quick decision with a client. The team has autonomy on how to work on a project, plan resources and calculate time needed to complete the project. 


    Salary range

    Agreement Amount
    B2B contract 14,000 - 20,000 PLN netto
    Employment contract 11,600 - 16,600 PLN gross


    Recruitment Process


    We look for evidence that a candidate is the right fit.

    skills interview

    We look for problem-solving ability, depth of experience, and creativity.

    with CEO

    We verify soft skills to make sure they’re align with our Core Values.

    on board!

    You can now start work on certain client projects.

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    Senior HR Specialist

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